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Business mediation/employment law mediation

SPEE advocaten & mediation Maastricht

Monique Spee

Since 2012, I have had the privilege to not only be a lawyer, but also an officially registered mediator at, and a member of, the Dutch mediation federation Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN). In my experience, both individuals and companies often have most to gain from proper dialogue, and from resolving conflicts or avoiding them in the first place. In my role as a mediator, I get people embroiled in a business or personal conflict talking again, and probe their underlying interests and motives. This breaks the stalemate and (more often than not) leads to greater mutual understanding - paving the way, in many cases, for a solution. If the problem turns out to be more deep-seated, I involve horses in the mediation process, as they possess a pure and infinite wisdom and an innate feel for the underlying dynamic. My style as a mediator can be described as directive, to the point, and solution-focused. I like to make the parties involved feel safe and equal, to reopen the lines of communication and enable the parties, under my guidance, to move towards solutions.

Mediation in business and/or employment disputes 

I would be happy to help if you are faced with an ongoing or imminent labour conflict, a dispute about an employee's fitness or incapacity for work, or if the company doctor has prescribed mediation. You can also come to me if you have a dispute with your shareholder(s), fellow executives, director(s), or partner in a general partnership, or if arguments have arisen over the sale of a horse. These are just a few examples of the type of mediation I conduct. Please feel free to contact me if your problem is not listed, as it is highly likely that I can help.

National and international/cross-border mediation

I also have a lot of experience of mediations with an international dimension, such as labour conflicts at multinationals, or Dutch companies that employ workers of differing nationalities. I can easily conduct mediation sessions in German or English.

How does business and/or employment mediation work?

Is there a problem with a person or an organisation that the parties cannot resolve together? Then mediation can be chosen. This is usually a far less drastic step than taking someone to court. Mediation can also save time and money, as a mediation process is much quicker and therefore less costly. During mediation, the parties must work towards a solution based on their underlying, common interests. The mediator provides expert support. In many cases, mediation culminates in a solution.
Mediators specialize in facilitating negotiations, focusing on common interests rather than individual views. A mediator has been trained to use particular techniques to highlight those interests, along with any underlying obstacles. Mediators are impartial and independent; their role is to help find a solution. Both parties must trust and have confidence in the mediator.

Voluntary participation and confidentiality

Taking part in mediation is optional, but not without obligations: the parties must be willing to work together towards a solution. Everyone who attends mediation must treat the content of the mediation and of any negotiations with the utmost confidentiality. This ensures an atmosphere of security and trust, which is essential to breaking deadlock in the dispute and getting communication going.

Our Mediators are affiliated to MfN/vFAS

For more information on (business) mediation, quality assurance and regulations, please visit the website of the Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN). For more information, visit

Every MfN-registered mediator, including Monique Spee, performs his or her work according to the rules of the MfN.

Family law and inheritance law mediator Angelique van den Eshoff is a member of the specialist association the family law and inheritance law lawyers and mediators vFAS. For more information: