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divorce and inheritance mediator

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Angelique van den Eshoff

I am Angelique van den Eshoff and have been practicing specialised family law since 1998. Besides handling complex divorces and other family law court proceedings, I also frequently engaged in divorce mediation or conciliation. You can also contact me about mediations in case of disputes about inheritance law or estates.
I am a member of the Dutch Association of Family and Succession Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vereniging Familie- en Erfrecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators or vFAS). My strength lies not only in my years of experience and my knowledge, but also in my direct and tactical approach. A divorce is often a major event in people's lives. There is a lot to deal with and it can be difficult to make the right choices. As a mediator, I help both ex-partners to come to good agreements together. I ensure that both are heard and that there is room for emotions and feelings.
As an experienced mediator, I am familiar with all the legal and financial aspects involved in a divorce. I support you in making agreements about, for example, alimony, division of assets and making a good parenting plan for the children. Together, we work towards a solution that is acceptable to both ex-partners.
My approach is personal and committed. I take the time to properly understand everyone's situation and use my knowledge and experience to guide the ex-partners towards a solution that suits their situation. I always strive for a solution that is sustainable and satisfactory to both parties.
In addition to Dutch, I am also fluent in English and can therefore serve you well in English language and/or cross-border mediations.

Mediation in divorce cases or inheritance disputes

Mediation is a good choice for divorce disputes as well as inheritance disputes because it is a process in which an independent third party, the mediator, helps to guide the parties involved in reaching a resolution to their dispute.
In divorce or inheritance disputes, emotions can run high and there may be deep disagreements between the parties involved. In these cases, mediation can help improve communication between the parties and establish a constructive dialogue. The mediator can help the parties understand their interests and concerns and guide them in finding solutions acceptable to all parties.
Compared to court proceedings, mediation offers several advantages. It is quicker, cheaper and less formal than court proceedings. Moreover, the parties have more control over the outcome of the dispute. Instead of a decision imposed by a judge, the parties themselves can decide what is the best solution for their situation.

Divorce mediation, also for business owners and in case of complex divisions and distributions

I specialise - also as a mediator -  particularly in more complex divorce mediations. This includes, for example, cases where there is a high level of conflict between the ex-partners, often also involving minor children, or when there are major interests at stake, such as in the case of business owners, large assets or complicated prenuptial agreements.

Business owners in particular often have a lot to lose in a divorce. In addition to all the emotional impact, a divorce can also have serious consequences for their businesses. As a family law mediator, I understand the complexity of business structures and can help entrepreneurs and their partners protect the business interest. I can work with the entrepreneurial couple to ensure that fair and realistic agreements are reached when dividing the business, while not jeopardising the continuity of the business but also not losing sight of personal interests. With my bulk of experience, I understand the specific challenges faced by entrepreneurial couples in a divorce situation and can help them make the right decisions.
Mediation can also help preserve or improve the relationship between the parties, especially in those cases where parties will have to deal with each other in the future, such as parents of minor children or heirs in a family business.

Inheritance mediation

The loss of a loved one is an emotional and challenging time in our lives. Unfortunately, however, in addition to all the grief, complicated (legal) issues can arise in relation to estates. Inheritance conflicts can drive family members apart and damage precious relationships. Fortunately, there is an alternative approach that can help resolve such (latent) disputes: inheritance or estate mediation.

What is inheritance mediation?

Inheritance mediation is a process in which a neutral third party, the inheritance mediator, helps involved family members to resolve (latent) disputes relating to an estate. The mediator is specially trained in conflict mediation and seeks to promote open dialogue and constructive negotiation. The aim of inheritance mediation is to reach a joint solution acceptable to all parties involved, without the need for litigation.

Specialised inheritance mediator

In estate mediation, it is very important to involve a lawyer-mediator who specialises in inheritance law/ estate mediation. A mediator with this specific expertise has a deep understanding and knowledge of the complex legal aspects involved in (the settlement of) an estate. This has several advantages:

  1. Legal knowledge and guidance: a lawyer-mediator with a background in inheritance law provides valuable legal knowledge and guidance during the mediation process. The specialised lawyer-mediator can inform the parties involved about the relevant laws, rules and rights applicable to the estate. This ensures a better understanding of the legal context and contributes to finding realistic and viable solutions.
  2. Efficiency and cost savings: the combination of mediation and inheritance law expertise can lead to a more efficient handling of the dispute. The lawyer-mediator can help the parties involved address the legal issues in a structured manner and have focused discussions. This helps avoid unnecessary delays and legal costs associated with court proceedings.
  3. Creative solutions: a lawyer-mediator with inheritance law expertise can propose innovative and creative solutions that take into account both the legal and personal interests of the parties involved. Alternative options can be explored, such as setting up a family fund, creating specific conditions for certain assets or creating a detailed care plan for vulnerable family members. These tailor-made solutions can help distribute the estate in a balanced and equitable manner.
  4. Neutrality and balance: a lawyer-mediator who also specialises in inheritance law can act as a neutral and balanced intermediary between the parties involved. They understand the emotional charge that often accompanies inheritance disputes and can facilitate communication between the parties. Through their impartial role, they can ensure that all points of view are heard and that a fair and equitable process takes place.

Inheritance mediation has proven to be a valuable tool in resolving estate disputes. Instead of going through a long and costly legal battle, mediation offers the opportunity to reach a lasting agreement that does justice to the needs and wishes of all involved. Experience shows that estate mediation can lead to a harmonious solution and also the preservation of valuable family ties, despite intense emotions and complex legal issues.

Engaging a lawyer-mediator specialised in inheritance law/legacy mediation also offers clear advantages. It helps optimise the mediation process and contributes to finding lasting solutions that are both legally and emotionally satisfactory (and sustainable) for all involved. If you are involved in an estate dispute, or suspect such a dispute is about to arise, engage a mediator with inheritance law expertise to guide you in finding a solution that does justice to your needs. An experienced estate mediator can help you to find a joint solution and to avoid lengthy court proceedings. If you have any questions or need the support of an experienced inheritance mediator, please feel free to contact Mrs Angelique van den Eshoff, specialised family and inheritance lawyer and mediator at SPEE lawyers & mediation.

In short, mediation offers an effective and often inexpensive way to resolve family law or inheritance disputes, with the parties themselves in control of the process and outcome of the dispute.

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