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15 Feb 2024 Preventive Law: Prevention is better than cure.

Preventive Law is a movement originally from America, developed by lawyer and professor Louis Meier Brown. Brown's life motto was: “time to see an attorney is when you’re legally healthy - certainly before the advent of litigation, and prior to the time legal trouble occurs”. He believed it is better to "care" than "cure", as in medicine. Healthier eating and exercise usually leads to better health and preventive action in law, usually leads to legally healthy clients and avoidance of lawsuits. SPEE advocaten & mediation supports this doctrine.

Preventive lawyers represent a more horizontal and connection-oriented way of working. They work with clients who do not yet have a legal problem and focus on the clients' own responsibility as well as their real wishes. It is about understanding, adaptation and integration. The traditional role of the lawyer tilts from assistance or advice to coaching and optimal care. This requires the Prentive lawyer to take a different view of their legal profession.

Legal services, according to the Preventive Law movement, can be divided into four phases: legal health promotion, dispute avoidance, dispute containment and dispute resolution.

The latter phase usually receives the most attention in the legal profession.

The Preventive lawyer, on the other hand, shifts his focus to the first and sometimes the second phase. In doing so, he is guided by four skills: forward-looking action, (empathetic) listening, having an open mind and creative thinking.

The Preventive Law principle, therefore, requires a broad view of problem solving: the client's personal situation, the organisation, the financial, psychological, economic intellectual and social context, are important. The Preventive Lawyer asks what is characteristic of this client and in what areas support can be offered to him. It is not so much the client's legal position that is central in the first instance, but the client himself. With him, a plan is made that optimally ensures the legal health of the company and thereby tries to avoid lawsuits.

The Preventive Law idea, is also embedded in the way SPEE advocaten & mediation provide services. Together with you as an entrepreneur or private individual, we look at how legal problems and legal proceedings can be prevented as much as possible. It is therefore very important to contact us at an early stage - preferably when no legal disputes have yet arisen. If you are interested in a non-binding discussion to see how Preventive Law can be applied in your case, please contact one of the lawyers at SPEE advocaten & mediation.

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