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Mediation in General

SPEE advocaten & mediation Maastricht

Mediation is a form of conflict management, where both parties seek a solution to a conflict together under the guidance of a mediator. Sometimes this succeeds in one mediation session, but often a more extensive mediation process with several mediation sessions is required. The aim is to find a solution together without the intervention of a judge.

Examples of conflicts or situations in which mediation can be used: for example, there is a conflict in the workplace, or there is a quarrel within the family over an inheritance, or two partners have a company together but do not agree on how to run it and want to separate. There is a divorce and everything that goes with it (alimony, children, division and so on). All situations in which mediation can be used and provide a solution.

SPEE lawyers & mediation has two highly experienced mediators who will be happy to assist you.

Mr Angelique van den Eshoff, who specialises in family and inheritance law mediation, and Mr Monique J.E. Spee, who specialises in business and employment mediation.


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