Cross-border business, tips & tricks

Doing business can already be a challenge in and of itself, but international aspects often add an additional dimension resulting from such things as cultural differences in which a Babylonian confusion of tongues can often arise or actions or intentions are interpreted incorrectly (usually unconsciously).

Doing business internationally is on the increase but, at the same time, is extremely complex. At SPEE advocaten and mediation we advise and help businesses and individuals who may become mired in the vastly different legislation and regulations in operation in the various countries. For instance, German or Belgian entrepreneurs who do business or wish to do business in the Netherlands under Dutch law can come to us for legal advice and/or litigation, and this also applies to cross-border worker issues. After all, more and more employees who work in the Netherlands live in Belgium or Germany. Complications arise frequently, for example during sickness absence or planned dismissal where both the employer and employee become entangled in complex regulations, national differences and different languages and customs. You can also contact us for other cross-border issues, such as a divorce in an international context or support in, for instance, establishing Dutch or other country branches for international companies.

Where necessary, we work in close collaboration with lawyers or other experts in countries including Belgium and Germany. This approach enables us to join forces so that we can represent your interests as effectively as possible. We are also affiliated with the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DNHK).

In other words, you can also call on SPEE advocaten & mediation with any questions on international issues. We can offer you various Chamber of Commerce tips to help handle the cultural differences you encounter when doing business internationally:

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