Cross-border workers in essential jobs in Belgium/Netherlands receive (vignette) sticker

Belgium closed the borders for non-essential travel on Wednesday 18 March.

Those with an essential job, such as care providers, or those working in an essential sector have experienced long border control checks at the borders.

These cross-border workers have used stickers since Sunday 22 March to ensure faster border checks between Belgium and the Netherlands.

A sticker is personal and cannot be used by others. Violation of the prohibition on non-essential travel is a criminal offence. The Belgian authorities are actively monitoring compliance with this prohibition.

Using a sticker based on incorrect information is considered fraud. This is also a criminal offence.


  • Freight and service traffic may cross the border as usual. Cross-border workers and others who need to cross the border can still do this. However, the following specific regulations must be taken into account:
  • Persons who do not work in an essential sector or are non-essential workers must have an employer statement demonstrating that they are crossing the border for work.
  • It is not permitted to drive or commute via Belgium when travelling from point A to B in the Netherlands.


However, exceptions are made for persons in essential sectors and essential workers who are travelling for work and who have a sticker.

The sticker can be requested via the website of the National Crisis Centre in Belgium.

If you need more detailed advice, the SPEE advocaten & mediation lawyers are of course always ready to help!

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