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SPEE advocaten & mediation Maastricht

SPEE advocaten & mediation De beste erfrecht advocaat. Specialist Erfrecht.

SPEE advocaten & mediation Maastricht
  • Legal assistance to heirs
  • Legal aid to executors of wills
  • Legal aid to administrators
  • Legal aid to creditors
  • Legal aid to legatees
  • Legal aid to forced heirs
  • Vereffening nalatenschap
  • Proceedings or advice on the division of an inheritance
  • Calculation of the child’s share
  • Advice or proceedings on the invocation of the statutory share
  • Proceedings or advice on the (inheritance) transfer of a company
  • Mediation in disputes concerning inheritances/nuptial estates
  • Legal assistance to liquidators
  • Advice on the validity of wills
  • Advice or proceedings on accounts and liabilities
  • Advice or proceedings on estate inventory.
SPEE advocaten & mediation Maastricht


Attorney-at-law & Mediator

SPEE advocaten & mediation Maastricht

My name is Angelique van den Eshoff and I specialise in personal and family law and inheritance law.


I graduated from Maastricht University in 1998 and was sworn in as a lawyer immediately afterwards. Since 2004, as a specialised family law lawyer and divorce mediator, I have been a member of the vFAS (Dutch Association of Family and Succession Lawyers and Divorce Mediators) and in 2013 I completed the specialisation course in inheritance law.


I am committed, empathetic, analytical and thorough and I am an expert in guiding complex divorce and division and distribution cases, divorces and distributions for entrepreneurs and disputes surrounding inheritances and estates.
I am a highly experienced lawyer and mediator in the areas of the law of persons and family law and inheritance law. With years of experience, I have extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations in these areas and have successfully assisted many clients in various cases and mediations. In doing so, I always try to find a solution in harmony first, but if there is no other way, I also represent my clients' interests 200% in court.
What sets me apart from other lawyers is my committed and empathetic style of working. I understand that my clients often find themselves in difficult and emotional situations and I do all I can to assist and support them as best I can. This means that when new legal developments occur, even after many years, clients often come back to me and seek my advice and assistance, or hire me as a mediator.


I specialise - both as a lawyer and a mediator - particularly in complex divorce cases. These include cases where there is high level conflict between the ex-partners, often also involving minor children, or when there are major interests at stake, such as in the case of business owners, large assets or complicated prenuptial agreements. .
Often, business owners also have a lot to lose in a divorce and the resulting division. In addition to all the emotional impact, a divorce can also have serious consequences for their businesses. As a family law specialist, I understand the complexities of business structures and can help entrepreneurs protect their business interests. I can work with the business owner to ensure that fair and realistic arrangements are made when dividing up the business, where the continuity of the business is not compromised. With my wealth of experience, I understand the specific challenges faced by entrepreneurs in a divorce situation and can help to make the right decisions.
I have the skills and knowledge to address and guide these issues efficiently and effectively.


Moreover, I am happy to assist you in preventing or resolving estate conflicts.


The loss of a loved one is an emotional and challenging time in our lives. Unfortunately, however, in addition to all the grief, complicated (legal) issues can arise in relation to estates. Inheritance conflicts can drive family members apart and damage precious relationships. I am a specialised inheritance lawyer and estate mediator, which means I have both the right legal content knowledge to assist you in inheritance disputes, as well as the right skills to help you and your family in inheritance disputes as a specialised estate mediator.
In short, I am an experienced, committed and expert lawyer and mediator who advises and supports her clients and/or mediation parties in both inheritance law issues and in (complex) matters in the area of the law of persons and family law.


I have registered the following areas of law practice in the rechtsgebiedenregister (register of legal practice areas) of the Netherlands Bar:


  • Inheritance law;
  • Persons and family law.

This registration requires me to obtain 10 training credits per calendar year for each registered area of law, in accordance with the Netherlands Bar standards.

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