Can a BV be set up digitally?

Legislative proposal submitted
Last week, a legislative proposal was submitted to the Second Chamber to make it possible to incorporate a BV digitally. You can read more here:

At present, it is necessary to go to a notary to incorporate a Dutch private limited company (BV). If it is up to the legislator, this will soon change. A legislative proposal has been submitted to the Dutch Second Chamber of Parliament, to make it possible to establish a BV digitally. If this proposal becomes law, the digital incorporation of a BV will take place with a digital notarial deed. If you incorporate a BV, you will therefore no longer need to physically go to the notary. A digital audio-video connection will then be sufficient. The digital deed can also be passed digitally at the notary's office. The deed must then also be stored digitally. To make this possible, the notary must be connected to a special data processing system.

These developments were set in motion by a European directive on the subject. The Dutch legislator intends to implement the changes in the Notaries Act and in Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code.

We will, of course, keep you informed of the entry into force of this new legislation.

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