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5 Aug 2022 Deadline for registration of UBOs postponed again

The deadline for companies to register a UBO is postponed again, at least for some cases. We would like to tell you how this works.

We keep you informed on a regular basis about the developments in 'UBO-land'. A UBO (ultimate benificial owner) is - in short - the person who has more than 25 percent shares, ownership interest or voting rights in a legal entity (such as a BV).

Since September 2020, the vast majority of legal entities and partnerships in the Netherlands are obliged to register a UBO in the register of the Chamber of Commerce. This obligation is based on anti-money laundering regulations. Late registration can lead to fines.

Are you not yet aware of all the ins and outs on this subject? Then read our earlier contribution: SPEE lawyers & mediation | The UBO Register (

Initially, the deadline for registration in the UBO Register was 27 March 2022. However, that deadline has been postponed once again, to 1 January 2023. The reason? The Chamber of Commerce will not be able to clear the backlogs in the register in time.

Please note: the new deadline only applies to companies that have submitted their documents to the Chamber of Commerce, but whose registration has not yet been processed.

In any case: if you have not yet registered your UBO, do it as soon as possible!

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