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27 Aug 2021 Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) recommends better protection of the privacy of self-employed workers

Advice to State Secretary to protect residential addresses

We regularly consult it while doing business: the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. Handy, right? But for self-employed individuals the system is less convenient since their home address is visible to everyone if they have an office at home. This can lead to unpleasant and even unsafe situations. In these times of far-reaching privacy protection through the GDPR, this is difficult to explain, according to our privacy watchdog, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

For this reason the DPA advised the State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate on 25 August 2021 in a legislative recommendation to make the home addresses of freelancers only available to certain professions and agencies. Think of lawyers, notaries and bailiffs. You can read more here.

We are curious whether this advice of the AP will also be converted into legislation. If there are developments, you will of course hear from us.

Do you also have questions about privacy issues? SPEE advocaten & mediation is ready to help you. Confidentially of course.

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